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A first-time effort to measure and visualize the quality of care across Germany

The Challenge

Translating data into visualizations, making it easy for policymakers to make informed decisions based on evidence.

The Result

An interactive dashboard that reveals disparities in the quality of care in nursing homes across Germany at both national and district levels.

Our Expertise
  • Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Ideation & Concept
  • UX & UI Design
  • Full-Stack Development

Quality of care

We were commissioned to develop an online portal that visualizes the data from approximately 370,000 nursing home residents over a five-year period. Our goal was to make the data insights easily understandable and actionable for policymakers and journalists.

The Quality Atlas of Care (Qualitätsatlas Pflege) is a powerful tool designed to assess the quality of care in German nursing homes. It systematically records critical events in nursing, medical, and therapeutic care at regional levels, with the mission of enhancing the healthcare system.

Multiple tailored visualizations simplify the data's complexity, providing clear and rapid insights into the quality of care in nursing homes

Nursing Home Residents


Over the course of the nearly four-month project, we conducted weekly meetings with the client. Our main focus was on collaboratively shaping the data and continually refining the ways we presented it. This approach allowed us to fine-tune our solutions to best meet the client's expectations and align with the needs of our intended users, ensuring the scientific results were not only up to par but also user-friendly.

Data Accessibility

Our top priority was to strike a careful balance between offering enough context for users to grasp the information and not oversimplifying the complex details. We accomplished this through a user-friendly interface that lets users navigate the data at their own speed. A standout feature of the atlas is the option for users to select and compare two specific areas in Germany, be it districts or federal states. This functionality enables direct comparisons of care quality between two areas, monitors their progress over time, and evaluates their performance on 10 distinct quality indicators.

Regional comparison at district and federal state level

Insights for All Expertise Levels

The dashboard offers a broad array of data visualizations that cater to users' specific interests, allowing for both a quick, comprehensive overview and detailed analyses, while our focus on scientific data projects ensures the information is presented clearly, making it accessible and meaningful for all expertise levels

Multiple tailored visualizations simplify the data's complexity, providing clear and rapid insights

Multiple tailored visualizations simplify the data's complexity, providing clear and rapid insights


An invaluable tool for health care decision-makers
The Quality Atlas of Care (Qualitätsatlas Pflege) represents a groundbreaking initiative aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of care quality across Germany. It serves as an invaluable tool for decision-makers, enabling them to pinpoint areas where concrete policy action is essential.

The final result featured
  • A user-friendly navigation between 10 quality indicators

  • A filter system for regions and time-specific adjustments

  • An interactive map

  • 8 different visualization types

  • Data exports: both as images and data tables

  • An optimized version for mobile devices

The visual design deliverable includes a comprehensive design system and the logo design.


German media outlets were quick to recognize the significance of the research project, leading to widespread coverage and an increased awareness of regional disparities in care quality. The project has been featured in ZDF heute, Tagesschau, and Deutschlandfunk.


Commissioned by WIdO /AOK

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