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The Health Atlas delivers insightful information on the medical condition of the German public

The Challenge

Provide policy- and decision-makers with the ability to make informed choices based on complex medical data while maintaining accessibility.

The Result

Our solution positions the AOK Atlas as the primary source of information for promoting positive changes in the health sector in Germany.

Our Expertise
  • Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Ideation & Concept
  • UX & UI Design
  • Full-Stack Development

A central source of information on the distribution of diseases in Germany.

In Germany, politics aims to ensure all citizens' fair standard of living. To achieve this goal, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the health status across different regions. The Health Atlas Germany is a valuable resource that provides extensive data on preventable public health diseases. Policymakers can utilize this data to devise targeted health policies and services catering to the population's needs.





Insured people

27 Million

With an analysis of data from 27 million insured individuals in Germany, we have produced precise visualizations of 21 distinct illnesses and their primary symptoms. We delivered reliable information on the population's disease incidence and addressed crucial inquiries, such as:

  • Which diseases are prevalent among Germany's inhabitants?

  • Which regions are particularly affected by these diseases?

  • Are men and women or different age groups affected equally?

  • Which population groups experience health disadvantages compared to others?

The overview on the landing page is an excellent starting point for users to begin exploring the vast amount of available data. The data displays all disease groups, their related illnesses, and their distribution on the county level, providing comprehensive and informative insights.

A high-resolution map that feels like an Atlas and scales down to the district level.

Germany consists of 294 counties and 106 independent cities and urban districts, each with its own political decision-making board. To offer an unparalleled »Atlas feel«, we have ingeniously crafted an immersive map that perfectly caters to all these varying scales.

Accessible on demand fact-sheets and sustainable data

Easily access the raw CSV files for each visualization and download images that are perfect for embedding in social media or slide presentations. Our on-demand factsheets for each disease come in a simple PDF format that is effortlessly updated whenever the data changes.

High complexity, easy to maintain, and a delight to present

The Atlas streamlines data updates and effortlessly generates personalized thematic reports. The AOK's esteemed scientific institute, WiDO, leveraged our Atlas to produce an exhaustive report on all 23 mapped diseases, skillfully identifying the most and least healthy counties.

These influential reports have the potential to exert significant influence on the political landscape, both in the form of visualizations and in data tables that can be further used.


Commissioned by AOK

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