Studio NAND

In close collaboration with our clients we develop cutting edge digital and physical prototypes leading to the final design

For Deutsche Bahn

Peak Spotting

Visual tools for managing the capacity of Germany's rail traffic network

Radiation Exposure Chernobyl

Putting radioactive contamination into perspective.

LA Energy Atlas

Visually exploring California's energy consumption data.
For Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Anthropocene Curriculum

Design and development of the Anthropocene Curriculum Website.
For Humboldt Lab Dahlem

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing cultural knowledge across research boundaries.
For Die Medienanstalten

Media Convergence Monitor

Visualizing, interpreting and monitoring media information.
For Shutterstock

Analog Mensch Digital

Revealing analog and digital generative patterns.
For one/one

Poetry on the Road

Establishing a poetic visual identity.

FIFA — Development Globe

Visualising FIFA’s social contributions.
For Cultural Olympiad

Emoto — Installation

Installation of the global response in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
For Cultural Olympiad

Emoto — Online Visualization

Visualizing the global response in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
For Swansea University

Othello Time Map

Mapping the history of German trans­la­tions of Shakespeare’s Othello.
For Disney Research

Botanicus Interacticus

Interactive installation introducing a new capacitive sensing technology.
For MADE Berlin

Valse Automatique

A design perform­ance of a KUKA indus­trial robot and two musicians.
Installation at the Venice Biennale.