Studio NAND is a multi-disciplinary design prac­tice exploring inter­ac­tions between society, science and tech­no­logy. We use design as a method to craft enga­ging exper­i­ences, stories and visu­al­isa­tions and work with private and public sector organ­isa­tions with the aim to identify new ways of using upcoming tech­no­lo­gies. Additionally, we try to foster innov­a­tion and exchange in these fields through work­shops, lectures and our Open-Source plat­form Creative Coding.

Cruiser Charisma ↑Cruiser Charisma

A fictional habitat allowing a sustain­able living without forgoing modern conveniences.

Latest Projects↓
Poetry On The Road

Fictional land­scapes gener­ated from poetry to form the visual iden­tity of a liter­ature festival.

Othello Time Map

Mapping the history of German
trans­la­tions of Shakespeare’s ›Othello‹

fifa — development globe

Visualising FIFA’s devel­op­ment work across the world.