Studio NAND

We visualise, design, and consult at the intersection of research, data, and technology

The studio combines technology and research to design data visualizations, knowledge exploration tools, and novel physical interfaces that interact with the digital world. We invent and develop interactions that visually distill relevant information from vast data sets and unravel complex processes into engaging interactive expositions and prototypes.

Our clients include major cultural institutions, research departments, and leading technology firms seeking to design and conceptualize possible scenarios derived from research technologies. The studio initiates the dialogue on potential use cases and models, and then critically examines the crucial, conceivable, and hypothetical events they may produce. We design prototypes to explore actual, desirable, or speculative scenarios, and then research and invent their interaction methods, to arrive at a full implementation of a final product.

Studio NAND has a reputation as one of the industry’s most progressive collectives

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In addition to our studio work we offer workshops at educational and academic institutions. The workshops range from teaching practical design skills to conducting state-of-the-art research. Our topics include data visualization, designing with technology, and using design as a method to prototype future scenarios. We aim to establish design as a tool for reflective, imaginative, and visionary thought derived from current and future technologies.

A natural curiosity and sense of play imbues the work at Studio NAND in Berlin, who specialise in translating cutting edge technology into beautifully designed products, objects and events

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Studio NAND

A close collaboration with experts from various discipines and research institutes allows us to design and invent in an agile networked structure

Steffen Fiedler
Jonas Loh
Stephan Thiel

Design Technologist
Gabriel Credico
Judith Glaser
Design Technologist
Markus Kerschkewicz

Software Engineer
Chelsey Mitchell