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Materializing a start-up’s vision into a sophisticated, user-friendly product

The Challenge

Transforming a fintech start-up's vision into a tangible product by designing and launching a minimum viable product within six months.

The Result

A crypto wallet mobile application, a physical banking card, and a website to attract early adopter buyers and validate the product concept.

Our Expertise
  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Ideation & Concept
  • UX & UI Design
  • Full-Stack Development

Grasping the technological complexity

The Blanq crypto wallet aims to tackle two of the most common problems associated with non-custodial wallets:

  • Increased responsibility placed on users to safeguard their passwords
  • The technical complexity of setting up and recovering passwords in case of loss or misplacement.

The key feature and unique selling point of Blanq is its innovative security technology. It divides the user’s key into multiple individual shares in the hardware, comprising a mobile app and a physical card that runs on Blanq’s sophisticated security algorithm.

Fast and transparent onboarding, simplifying the crypto wallet onboarding experience. The overview shows the current assets and past transactions

Your secret is nowhere — it’s Blanq

In Blanq’s pioneering effort to enhance security, we have visually designed a unique physical card that holds one split of the cryptographic secret, marking the product as the first-ever distributed-key hardware wallet. To ensure unmatched quality, we visited the esteemed production facilities in France that manufacture our cards and produce cards for industry giants like Tesla.

Our design features materials closely tied to security: the logo printed in optically cariable ink, commonly found on bank notes. A transluscent back that makes the antenna visible and highlights the chip

A process of communication and collaboration

Collaborating with the stakeholder, we conducted an in-depth discovery phase encompassing extensive research on users and the market to evaluate competitors. Our team delivered a comprehensive project proposal that outlined a well-defined scope and plan. Departing from the stakeholder’s input and based on the acquired insights from the discovery phase, our designers mapped out the mobile user experience in collaboration with the engineers.

Through quick prototyping cycles, we facilitated iterative improvements and validated the concept.

A cross-media holistic design

We worked on the various components feeding into the Blanq universe - the product website, packaging, and physical card design - seamlessly transferring the visual design across the different media.

The carrier holds the card when you order it via the website

After six months, we successfully concluded multiple ongoing procedures and brought a start-up’s vision to life. The process involved everything from devising a product strategy and designing UX/UI to executing full-stack development.

Transforming technical innovation into an accessible experience

We understand the critical importance of guiding users through complex processes by revealing the right information at the right time. By carefully anticipating user needs and expectations, we ensure that our designs simplify the experience, making it accessible even to those unfamiliar with the intricacies of cryptocurrency transactions.

Fast and transparent onboarding, simplifying the crypto wallet onboarding experience. The overview shows the current assets and past transactions

Our team of developers and engineers meticulously comprehended the technical aspects of the founder’s concept. At the same time, our designers transformed it into an effortless-to-use mobile application (MVP), a product website, a physical card, and packaging. Hence, the MVP helped Blanq Inc. to enter the market and acquire new funding.


  • The project was initiated by Blanq Inc.

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