Cruiser Charisma


Making self-sufficiency and sustain­ab­ility a reality – situated in a Caravan

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Design Interactions Show

Scope of Work

  • Speculative Design
  • Diegetic Prototyping

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The project is based on two main opposing inspir­a­tions: Research trips to learn about inten­tional communities like the Amish, who care­fully select which tech­no­lo­gies to intro­duce to the community, and an extra­pol­a­tion of current scientific research which embraces tech­no­lo­gical alter­a­tion of nature. The outcome of the project is a fant­ast­ical caravan, a nomadic module of illu­sionary freedom, which explores our belief in tech­no­lo­gical progress. Thus, it examines, ironically, critically, how the dream of self-sufficiency and sustain­ab­ility can be become a reality, implying that everyone is now able to produce goods, to commu­nicate with anyone without being charged or tracked and to fulfil basic needs without forgoing modern conveni­ences.

It just makes so much sense. Especially since it’s set in a trailer

Bruce Sterling

The utopian idea of a different society on a micro scale is reinterpreted and brought in a contemporary context where existing and near future technologies as synthetic biology, genetic engineering, bio-printing and new form of production methods are made public to every individual rather than being owned, administrated and distributed by venture capitalists.

A synthetic garden provides food and organic material for the 3D production unit
Human slurry is collected and put in a digester which transforms it into biogas
The caravan was 3D printed in Alumide. All parts are open-source and can be edited.
Field trip documentation