Valse Automatique


Valse Automatique is a design perform­ance made to illus­trate the symbi­osis between humans and tech­no­logy by trans­lating music to form over the use of a KUKA indus­trial robot.


MADE Berlin

Scope of Work

  • Interface Design
  • Gener­ative Design
  • Live-Manufacturing


The project explores how compu­ta­tional musical data can be used to create objects as “finger­prints” of a musical scores in the context of an indus­trial manu­fac­turing process. For this purpose Mihalj “MIKI” Kekenj composed and performed five vari­ations of a waltz theme created specific­ally for the event at “MADE” — a plat­form for creative people from different discip­lines in the heart of Berlin.

Invited to the project by Hermann Weizenegger and MADE in Berlin, we have designed an inter­face and gener­ative design prin­ciple according to which objects were live-manufactured during the perform­ance. In a first manu­fac­turing process the robot milled objects from wax. In the second process it used a bunsen burner. The product is a duet of industrial components and musical arrangements.

The movement of the robot was programmed with KUKA’s own programming language KRL
The KUKA robot, performing choreographed live manufacturing


Studio NAND

Credits & References

Studio NAND

Project Lead HAW; Music MIKI; MADE: tadiROCK, Nico Zeh & team; Video Matthias Maercks

Manufacturing artis GmbH; Music Analysis & Lights Chris Jeffs

Thanks to KUKA Roboter GmbH