Radiation Exposure Chernobyl


In collaboration with science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar the studio created an explanatory map, telling the story of radiation exposure within the Chernobyl exclusion zone measured by a Safecast bGeigie Nano dosimeter.



Scope of Work

  • Data Visualization
  • Mapping

  • Website Credits

    The nuclear reactor exploded on April 26st 1986. Ranga’s story emphasizes, that 30 years after the disaster the aftermath is still vibrantly perceptible. The map allows the viewer to interactively explore the territory around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and allows to measure the radiation exposure in several locations.

    The colored hexagons correspond to what intensity areas are contaminated by radioactivity. Hovering with the cursor will show the exact value on the scale (left), measured in micro sieverts per hour. The comparison value puts the data in context.

    Credits & References

    Studio NAND

    In collaboration with Ranga Yogeshwar and Lisa Weitemeier, Tobias Baum and Sami Skalli at WDR.