Othello Time Map


Mapping the history of German trans­la­tions of Shakespeare’s Othello. Part of a research project by Tom Cheesman of Swansea University in collab­or­a­tion with Kevin Flanagan.


Swansea University

Scope of Work

  • Data Exploration
  • Geovisualization

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Over the course of nearly two years, Tom Cheesman has collected over fifty German trans­la­tions and adapt­a­tions of Othello. The project was driven by the idea to analyze and compare them in order to find patterns that reveal cultural, histor­ical, and social insights in their data. We collab­orated with his research team at Swansea University in order to explore digital tools for literary research.

Our proto­type, Version Variation Visualisation, created a map analyzing an exem­plary corpus of thirty seven German trans­la­tions of Othello’s Act 1, Scene 3. We have created this map to propose and illus­trate altern­ative navig­a­tional aids and present­a­tions for comparative literary historical analysis. The map examines time and loca­tion based data, integrates further with chronicled geographical bound­aries of selected translations, and allows further exper­i­mentation facilitated by recent web technologies.

The map, showing the comparative evolution of Shakespeare’s Othello

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Studio NAND

In collaboration with Tom Cheesman, Swansea University

Created for the TransVis Project