LA Energy Atlas


A first of its kind Web platform built with the largest set of publicly available disaggregated energy data in the United States.



Scope of Work

  • Data Visualization
  • Web Platform Design and Development

Website Credits

The studio designed a platform to explore the vast public information of energy consumption collected by the State of California. The platform allows multiple cross sections and comparison of information about utilization of resources, thus enabling sustainability through disaggregated energy data for all Californians.

The ability to interact, plan, and research energy consumption, by every individual, provides the opportunity to better command our planet’s resource depletion. The Atlas, by visually communicating the characteristics of census information, furthers the model of having clarity of public information and the betterment of society as result.

The studio used a geospatial relational database that connects address level energy data, and was designed with the highest regard to privacy concerns. The platform can be accessed on any device, and matches the many ways in which citizens may want to be presented with their data, its meaning, and further research that may ensue as result. The approach provides a way for California to achieve its ambitious energy goals.

Profile view for the city of Santa Monica
Total amount of consumption (BTU) in 2010 by each building use type.
Map view highlighting the total consumption of residential building types
The table view allows to compare the energy consumption of i.e. residential and institutional building types

Credits & References

Studio NAND

Directed by Dr. Stephanie Pincetl; managed by Zoe Elizabeth; CCSC staff Rob Graham, Hannah Gustafson, Kristen Holdsworth, Sinnott Murphy, Jeff Wolf and Thuy Vu;