Emoto — Installation


emoto captured and visu­al­ised the global response around the London 2012 Olympic Games on Twitter in an inter­active online visu­al­isa­tion and phys­ical data sculpture


Cultural Olympiad

Scope of Work

  • Physical Data Visualization

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We created emoto, an installation representing the global response around the London 2012 Olympic Games, complementing the online visu­al­isa­tion that was running live in parallel to the Games in July and August 2012.

Based on millions of Twitter messages this phys­ical data sculpture annot­ated a senti­ment score. The install­a­tion presented all data emoto has gathered and the insight derived from it. The data sculp­ture repres­ents message volumes, aggreg­ated per hour, and senti­ment level in hori­zontal bands which move up and down according to the current number of Tweets at each time, designed for the visitor to explore the overall emotional reaction timeline of the Olympics.

The messages were directly attached to a wall and have been selected for peaks in the graph based on the occur­rences of the Tweet text. The installation was docu­mented at the WE PLAY closing exhib­i­tion of the Cultural Olympiad in the Northwest.

The interactive installation allowed people to scroll through the data that represented the emotional response of the games


Studio NAND

Credits & References

Studio NAND

Created by Drew Hemment, Moritz Stefaner, Studio NAND.

A FutureEverything project with MIT SENSEable City Lab for the Cultural Olympiad programme and London 2012 Festival.

Infrastructure design and development by Gerrit Kaiser.

Supported by  Lexalytics; Co-sponsored by GE and funded by Arts Council England and WE PLAY/Legacy Trust UK.